Next Talks:

Will has spoken at festivals and theatres throughout the UK, including, among others, the Royal Geographical Society, the Royal Geographical Society Regional Lecture tour, Adventure Travel Live, The Wilderness Lectures, Grassington Festival, and the National Geographic Store.

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Michael Palin: “A wonderful talk that reflected perfectly the reasons why we love Geography”

Radio Times: “Millard is a natural presenter…Even when faced with aggression from tribes people who have no idea who this sunburnt stranger is he wins them – and us – over with his warmth. This man is one to watch”

Daily Express: “Millard came across as a man of boundless heart and decency. The foregoing film, full, of light and laughter and uncomfortable truths, established him as a prize catch for the BBC.”

The Times: “Will Millard’s Hunters of the South Seas was un-improvable. One advantage is that although Millard is a bona fide explorer he looks like a book worm not Bear Grylls.”

The Daily Mail: ***** “an utterly compelling programme”

The Guardian: Will becomes passionately involved with his hosts. He clearly adores them and they adore him, and trust him…A lovely, touching, very human little film.