Upcoming talks

“A wonderful talk that reflected perfectly the reasons why we love Geography”
– Sir Michael Palin

“Your inspiring, insightful and heartfelt speech was a highlight. Sharing such a personal story about your struggles, and the role the environment played in your recovery, was one which has struck a chord with so many of those who were there. It is something I hope will stay with our staff and motivate them in their day to day work. I know it has done that for me.” Clare Pillman. Chief Executive. Natural Resources Wales. Team NRW Day 2019.

“I had no prior interest in becoming an explorer… However after hearing your talk with Astronaut Tim Peake, I was more fascinated by what there is to discover here on Earth, than what’s out there in space.” Delegate. New Scientist Live.

“Everyone who attended was really engrossed and engaged in your amazing tales of your expedition.” St Mary’s School. Hull

“A wonderfully fluent account of how the strange magic of water, and the beings that inhabit it, can enchant and intoxicate” Chris Yates (Author of ‘The Secret Carp’)

Will loves to speak about his adventures, his expeditions, and his life spent living and working alongside some of the planet’s remotest peoples. There are almost no limitations to the venues or audiences, Will is as happy talking to a small gathering of Primary Age Children in a local Scout Hut, as he is to a theatre audience of over a thousand or leaders of Business. There are no age or demographic restrictions to learning something positive about our world.

He has spoken frequently at the Royal Geographical Society, including three times at their prestigious Monday Night Lectures, and he has twice toured on their lecture theatre circuit across the U.K. Independent bookings have included a vast range of events and locations: St.James’ Palace for the DofE Gold Awards, a sold out Excel Arena for New Scientist Live, the National Geographic Store in London, the Wilderness Lectures, Adventure Travel Live, and at many other adventure and literature Festivals including the Hay Festival, Grassington Literary Festival, Kings Lynn Festival, ‘The Big One’ fishing festival in Farnborough, and Ashbourne Festival. He is equally adept at applying the lessons from his adventures to the corporate and work environment, delivering the keynote speeches for Natural Resources Wales, The National Museum in Cardiff, and numerous team-building days for both public and private schools throughout the UK.

Subjects include lessons from living with the Bajau, the Lamaleran Whale Hunters, and the Korowai ‘tree house’ dwellers, as part of his landmark BBC series; surviving traumatic expeditions and cerebral malaria, essential organisation, survival priorities, and route one goal-setting; recovery and finding space from PTSD; or, closer to home, the importance of our freshwater environments and how the food chain works. For children (and big children!) Will can speak on a range of topics from his work, weaving in themes of multiculturalism and mutual respect for people from very different places, or, local environmentalism and why rivers are so important. In all instances talks are illustrated with Will’s archive, and can include hands-on exhibits from his many adventures, and even live native fish species for his freshwater ecosystems talks.

If you would like to see a talk in your area then please keep across the event details on this page or Will’s work on his Facebook page, his Instagram or his Twitter. If you would like to book Will for your event, school, or university, get in touch via the ‘Contact’ tab above.