Three Step Stories

Published via Magic Cat – April 2022

“With read-aloud rhyming texts and first words to see and say, this book reinforces early language skills… It’s also a nice touch that – alongside more familiar pond residents or visitors, such as frogs and tadpoles – the book introduces some more obscure creatures to add to a child’s spoken or visual vocabulary: nymphs, voles and stickleback fish. The illustrations are soft and dreamy and will make you want to go on a sunny-day adventure to find a pond and celebrate all this wonderful wildlife together.” The Book Trust

Inspired by the miniature wildlife universes on our own doorsteps, these three-step flap books take early readers into a magical hidden world of sticklebacks, voles, and a whole host of mini-beasts!”

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The Old Man and the Sand Eel

The Old Man and the Sand Eel

Published via Viking, Penguin – March 2018

“A wonderfully fluent account of how the strange magic of water, and the beings that inhabit it, can enchant and intoxicate” Chris Yates (Author of ‘The Secret Carp’)

“An important book…Will writes with flawless charm, light humour and gentle authority – A major talent and the best writer of this type since I first discovered Bill Bryson” Isabelle Broom

“The Old Man and the Sand Eel is a treat. Told with winning enthusiasm and a wide-eyed boyish glee at being outdoors in all weathers, it promises to do for angling what Roger Deakin’s masterpiece Waterlog did for wild swimming” The Cardiff Review

‘[Will Millard] is a master wordsmith and his first book is a joyful testament to that’ Heat Magazine

‘[Will Millard] writes with a genuine sense of humility (…) humour and reflection’ Kevin Parr, Countryfile

‘The writing is sharp and clever (…) I loved all of it and would as happily read it again as I would sit beside the river waiting for the evening rise of trout to begin’ Tom Fort, Literary Review

‘This is post-modern nature writing that embraces beauty where it finds it and marvels at nature’s tenacity (…) But there’s more here than just fish. This is also a book about growing up, about how to retain a connection with those who raised you while forging your own identity – what to keep and what to discard. And it’s about men. The strong surges of emotion that both draw them together and keep them apart, and the shared pastimes which recognise that intimacy and meaning aren’t always accompanied by words’ Olivia Edward, Geographical

Remembering his childhood spent fishing in the Cambridgeshire Fens with his Grandad, Will sets off on a journey across Britain in an attempt to recapture those halcyon days. Armed with his late grandad’s fishing encyclopedia his avowed aim is to catch some of the great forgotten fish species of our island, and expunge the bitter memory of a record-breaker that once slipped through his fingers, but ‘The Old Man and the Sand Eel’ is much more than a boy’s own adventure. Alone on the banks, Will finds himself exploring what it really means to be a man and a father, as well as a fisherman.

Available through all good bookstores and online – 1st March 2018

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